What do you need to do to book with me?

To book with me, simply give me a call, text me or send me an email to check if I am available on your chosen day.

If yes, then we can arrange a time to catch up, so we can get to know each other a little bit better.


How do I secure you on my event?  

To lock me in to secure your date I request $50 non-refundable booking fee and I will send you an email with confirmation.


Do I take more then one shoot for a day?

No, I don’t. I like to prepare and concentrate on one session for a day.  


What gear do I use?

I am a Canon person. I shoot with 5D Mark IV bodies and L Series lanes.


How do I shoot in a dark places ?

I had extensive light training. I know, how is required to shoot a dark room with uplighting, pin-spotted details,

and moving party lights, all whilst maintaining the look of the room and, most importantly, featuring a beautifully

lit subject. To this most of the time I am using my Canon speed lights.


How many photos can you expect?

I shoot roughly 500 images during the 2 hours event. From there, I carefully choose the right images to deliver,

and I give each of those images special attention and care. The final image count typically hovers around 200.


When you can expect your images to be ready?

You will receive a little sneak peek of your images, within 24-48 hours after your special day. Then rest of the professionally edited images, will be ready within 2-3 weeks.


How do you get images from me?

When your photos are ready I will send you a personalised client gallery where you can have a look the images directly and share with your family. They will be all provided to you on USB in 2 different formats- low resolution images that

you can share online, and high resolution images that you can have printed in various sizes.


What payment methods do you accept?

Payment must be done by bank transfer a day before your event or by cash on a day.


What about when I am sick and I can’t attend to your event?

As a Zena Photography I have a list of very talented back-up photographers. I will still edit all of your photos

and I will be still involved in all other aspects in your photography process.


Do I offer portrait shoots?

Yes, I do offering a portrait session. My portrait shoot is informal and relaxed, we will have lots of fun.

Ask me for an offer.


Do I have back-up equipment?

Yes, I always bring minimum couple of cameras along, a variety of lanes and range of accessories.


When you wake up with a big pimple on your face?

Don’t worry I will photoshop that.


Do I process all of the images?

Yes, every image is edited using Adobe programs and my vision.


How do I decide where we will shoot?

When it comes to choosing a location for your family shoot, the more unique the better. I like to work with my clients

to decide the best location. Do you have a certain place your family likes to escape to or a special spot you love to go?

I want you to love your images and if you connect to the location, this will definitely help! I also have a list of location what I can recommend.


What should you wear?

First off, wear something you’re comfortable in and that totally makes you feel like yourself. Try to match each other by coordinating colours and patterns. Try to stay away from being too ‘matchy-matchy’ and go for complementary instead. 


Do I send you some tips and tricks to prepare for your special day?

Yes, I will send you my list of the severals tips and suggestions to help you get ready even better for your special day.





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Melbourne, Australia

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