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Melbourne, Australia

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  I’d like to warmly welcome you to Zena Photography.

I’m a professional photographer based in Melbourne specialized in Weddings, Parties and Family Events photography.

 My photography is about storytelling, capturing moments that show natural emotions and poses.

 I am very passionate about what I do and I am a naturally curious and spontaneously person.

 Over the years I have had a lot of photography experience, but I’ve found often the best results come from ideas that just happen unexpectedly - a moment, a  pose. I love the stories that unfold between people.

 I feel there are still so many things yet to be seen and I’m delighted everyday when I have the opportunity to capture these moments.


 The photographer you book to capture the cherished memories of your life, needs to be someone who you can connect with.

 My goal is to capture your real, natural expression, to make your images unique to you. I would love to meet you, before I take your images, so you can feel natural and comfortable with me, which allows me to capture your true feelings.


 I’m not afraid to try new things. I’m always looking for new angles and ways to create different lenses.  I’m not about working to a formula, a set of poses or a repeat of someone else’s weddings, parties or family events. These images and stories grow out of your personality,  your quirks and your happiness. And me? I take something from every story I create, every wedding, party or event I attend.


 You will love my images, this is why you should book with Zena Photography.

Need another reason? You will love my friendly, positive personality. I am confident, we will capture magical memories, together.


 Contact me by phone or email to check my availability, and then let’s sit down and grab a coffee!